This is disgusting, even for pathetic hate group leader Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera.  Despite the fact that NO credible source, by which I mean, NO credible, scientifically sound source links homosexuality to being sexually abused as a child, Peter got up today and decided to use the tragedy of the molestation CNN anchor Don Lemon experienced as a child in order to try to score points for his pigheaded, hateful agenda.  Here’s Pete’s sub-headline:

Deluded out-and-proud ‘gays’ reject pedophilia as causing their sexual confusion

Slowly, with emphasis, Peter:  I was never molested as a child, and my dad and I were just fine when I was younger. Wayne played lots of sports [while I was a musical gay…diversity!], was never molested, and has a fantastic relationship with his parents, who have been together for forty-one years. My parents have been together for almost thirty-six.

How’s your little theory feeling now?

CNN evening anchor Don Lemon has declared his homosexuality — to the surprise of few who have followed his biased reporting on homosexuality issues

Peter’s media gay-dar is GREAT, y’all. It’s almost like a glittery light goes off in his head.

What is perplexing is that Lemon, like so many self-styled “gay” men, apparently does not view his molestation as a major causative factor in his homosexual identity and behavior.

Because everybody who isn’t a childish wingnut understands that science [not Creashun Science, Pete] has conclusively shown that the two don’t have a damn thing to do with each other? Maybe this is what separates us, as journalists, from you, as Porno Pete.

To me, there is no greater proof of the perverse self-deception of homosexuality than to behold how sexually confused adults incorporate their victimization at the hands of pedophiles into their out-and-proud “gay” identity.

Yeah, just like all the straight people who were molested as children and somehow don’t claim that was what made them heterosexual…

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t pull the “child rape made people gay” card and then refuse to explain the thousands of straight men who were abused as children by Catholic priests. I mean, you can, if you’re a disingenuous wingnut, but The Smart Side Of The Internet is going to pay attention, correct, point and then laugh.

Which is to say — even before reading his book: ”Don, you are not ‘gay,’ but the victim of a homosexual child molester, who corrupted your mind, body and soul — and innocence — at a tender young age!”

Nope, he’s a gay guy who happens to have suffered childhood abuse, but who has made a happier, more successful, more beautiful life for himself than Peter LaBarbera ever will.  How dare he cheapen and minimize the actual experiences of people who have had to live with sexual abuse they suffered as children to try to demonize gay people?  Absolutely disgusting, even for such a common troll.

Done.  Onto an actual story…