John Shore is one of my favorite Christian writers [yes, even atheists can have favorite Christian writers, if we want!].  He has a particular way of dealing with the intersection of faith and sexuality, and a way of speaking to and of fundamentalists that I really enjoy.  The headline of his latest on HuffPost? Come Out of the Woods, Christian Soldiers: World War Gay Has Ended.

And I’m already giggling.  So the piece is about how, now that we’ve reached the tipping point where every credible poll shows that marriage equality has majority support in the United States, and since we also know that civil rights battles never go backward in public support in this country, we are virtually assured of an ultimate victory against the Christian Fundamentalists whose inflated ideas of their “religious freedom” necessarily include making our lives as difficult as posssible.  The deed is done.  As I’ve been saying for months now, people like Maggie Gallagher and Peter LaBarbera had best be either updating their resumes or making sure their IRAs are healthy, because their work is now worthless, even for their own lives.

Anyway, I really enjoy the analogy Shore uses to open up this piece:

Unaware that their cause had been lost, a small number of Japanese soldiers deep in the jungles of the Philippines continued waging guerrilla warfare against an imaginary enemy years after World War II had ended.

Via dropped pamphlets, newspapers left everywhere and even relatives at the jungle’s edge hollering at them through bullhorns, the diehard soldiers got the news the war had ended. They just didn’t believe it.

It’s as obvious as a stunning rainbow in the sky that within, say, 10 years, any church or denomination still fighting against the marriage of gay couples and the ordination of gay clergy will be like those recalcitrant Japanese soldiers living amongst the mangrove trees of Lubang Island long after everyone else has accepted peace as a fact and adjusted to the new world order.

Told you he was funny. You should read the whole thing, really. At the end Shore admits to readers that yes, he is very happy that things have reached this point, not least for his more conservative friends who have wasted their lives crying about the Gay Menace:

For verily am I already just ever so slightly weary of calling into the jungle through a bullhorn for the deeply confused, bizarrely obdurate combatants in there to come forward and step out into the open — to enjoy the sunshine, to relax, to get a hug, to finally be at peace with an enemy who isn’t even there.

Hahahahah, read that paragraph five times, anti-gay twits. That’s not mean old atheist Evan Hurst! That’s one of your fellow religionists, telling you to get a grip and smell the flowers and maybe enjoy life for a second. I mean, damn, we on the side of fairness and equality have been doing so the whole time, and we’re the ones who are having to fight to simply be treated as equal citizens!

I mean, the anti-gay set is, of course, entitled to cling to their mantras about how “every time the people have voted blah blah blah,” but their majorities are gone nationwide.  Sure, it’s lopsided — I mean, Mississippi still has a hard time with interracial marriage, but I don’t think any readers would suggest that we should have waited for that state to wrap its head around that concept before Loving v. Virginia could be enforced.  And moreover, it’s gotten to the point that, when the Religious Right goes in front of a judge and tries to argue against gay rights, the only variance in the rulings these days seems to be just exactly how throaty the laughter is with which the judges are laughing them out of court.

So yeah.  They’re entitled to keep digging that same hole if they want.  Or they can, you know, stop hurting everyone they can manage to reach on the way to their inevitable failure.

Up to them!