Look, it’s “ex-gay” quackery, trying to gain a foothold in Northern Ireland:

About 50 supporters of Northern Ireland’s gay community are picketing a conference which focuses on helping people turn away from homosexuality.

The protest is being held outside the event organised by the Core Issues Trust group at a Church of Ireland venue in Belfast.

Inside, about 15 people listened to Amercian speaker David Pickup who promotes “reparative therapy”.

He claims he can encourage homosexual people to practise hetereosexuality.

The protestors object to his message. They claim the therapy can be harmful to people who go through it.

Of course it’s harmful. I do like the lopsided numbers, though. Fifteen whole people inside listening to the quack! That’s like, at least twice as many people as go to Porno Pete’s truth parties.

In case you don’t remember David Pickup’s name, it’s this guy.  The one who wants to Increase your Manhood, but only if you’re willing to Go Deep, etc.

Gayest video ever.