Your eyes are not deceiving you. Tracy Morgan, now facing a firestorm of media criticism after Truth Wins Out broke the story about a disgusting anti-gay tirade in which he allegedly said, among other things, that he would stab his own child to death if one of his sons ever came out as gay, is quite concerned for the well-being of Charlie Sheen’s kids.

In an April 25 interview with Nicki Gostin at, he has the following to say about Mr. Sheen:

Charlie Sheen ain’t funny to me. I think that’s a train wreck and I feel bad for his two little kids because they’re the bodies being pulled out of the train wreck. What’s going to happen to them? But everybody thinks it’s a joke. While this asshole is going on stage making a fool of himself his kids are going to suffer and don’t even know it because this is a cycle of abuse.

There you have it, folks: Tracy Morgan, who allegedly ranted that homosexuality is a choice, President Obama shouldn’t pay attention to LGBT issues, bullying and violence against LGBT youth is acceptable, and that he’d stab a gay son, thinks someone ELSE is an a**hole and is is concerned about someone ELSE’S children. Right.

He also describes himself in the interview as being “very spiritual.” In light of Tracy Morgan’s recent alleged comments, methinks someone needs to put down the Leviticus.