Well, we asked the question. In response to a report that Tracy Morgan allegedly went on an anti-gay rant at his Nashville show on June 3, we asked in a press release for Morgan to either confirm or deny the report, and if confirmed, issue an explanation and/or apology. Morgan’s publicist has not replied to Truth Wins Out’s request for a comment, but another reporter apparently got through, as reported by the Examiner:

Nicole Charbot [sic], Morgan’s publicist, issued a statement simply saying “There is no comment. Thank you.” When concern was shown for the well-being of Morgan’s child, Charbot issued another simple statement which read, “There is no comment, thank you for your inquiry.”

That’s got to be disappointing for the many gay fans of Tracy and 30 Rock.

UPDATE: The co-founder of Unicorn Booty, Kevin Farrell, got the statement from Tracy Morgan’s publicist. Here is their statement, as well as Kevin’s letter to her. [Good work, by the way, Kevin!]

Tracy Morgan’s publicist, Nicole Chabot sent us a chilly “There is no comment, thank you for your inquiry.” after we contacted her voicing our concern for the safety of Morgan’s child. Our letter, below:

Ms. Chabot,

I’m writing in regards to Mr. Morgan’s reported homophobic meltdown while on stage in Nashville. While Mr. Morgan reportedly said a vast number of hateful anti-gay things, I’m by far the most troubled about his threat to stab his own son to death.

I know you commented earlier that there would be no comment on this subject, but you must understand by now that this situation isn’t going to swept under the rug. I represent Unicorn Booty, the most-followed gay blog in the world, and would appreciate it greatly if you would elaborate further beyond your initial “no comment.”

Thank you for your time.

Kevin Farrell
Co-Founder, Unicorn Booty

UPDATE DEUX: Lest anyone think this is happening in a vacuum, reports of Tracy Morgan’s onstage homophobia have circulated for years. I admit that, as a longtime fan of Tracy’s [his Brian Fellow SNL sketch is one of my all time favorite things] and of 30 Rock [indeed, on a lazy Sunday less than two weeks ago, I had a veritable 30 Rock marathon], I was actually not aware of it. But quite a few readers have made comments to the effect of “Google ‘Tracy Morgan homophobic.’ He’s always been like this.” So I did. Here are some of the links that came up. Much of it seems to center around a specific Carnegie Hall show in 2009:

November 10, 2009, New York Daily News: “Audience members walk out of Tracy Morgan’s Carnegie Hall performance.” Describes similar jokes as recounted in this week’s report, about homosexuality being a choice.

November 10, 2009, Rod 2.0: “Fans flee Tracy Morgan’s raunchy, homophobic Carnegie Hall show.”

The Advocate: Tracy Morgan calls being gay a choice.

It’s interesting that one of the jokes described in these pieces is virtually identical to Kevin Rogers’ report. It just sounds like he may have stepped it up in Nashville last week.