When I have time, I have a half finished post on the general state of the 2012 GOP slate waiting for my attention, but for now, Dennis G. at Balloon Juice has a good, succinct description of what the GOP primaries are going to be like.  Reacting to the fact that, for some godforsaken reason, Rudy Giuliani has decided to embarrass himself again by throwing in, Dennis says:

Why? Who knows, and really—who cares. It would be wrong to consider reason, common sense, logic, facts, reality or proven competence as reasons to get in the race. That stuff does not matter to a conservative electorate that only reacts to word salads.


Rudy is good at the word salad thing even if he does limit himself to “9-11” and a few other word strings—and yet, he doesn’t stand a chance. The GOP clown car is filled with word salad ninjas—and some serious kung fu word salad masters (Bachmann and Palin) seem likely to put on their big shoes, red noses and jump on in. The best Rudy can hope for is a great pratfall out of the car on the first turn around the center ring that increases his earning power on the wingnutopia grifter circuit.

Still, it is quite a show, and the crowd giggles with excitement as more and more of these clowns squeeze into the car. And in the wings are Chris Christie, Rick Perry and possibly Paul Ryan. They each have so much to bring to the spectacle and one can only hope they’ll try to squeeze in.

It is all quite silly until you realize that one on these fools could ride the proven stupidity of American voters to a 50% plus-1 victory. After all, we live in a Nation that actually did elect George W, Bush in 2004—and even the worst of these clowns start a General Election campaign with the blind support of the 27 percenters.

So basically it’s going to be entertaining as all hell, for all rational people, but the obvious caveat is never to overestimate the intelligence of the rest of the people around you.  I know there are a bunch of gays out there who are all angry about how much Obama hasn’t done for them, but he also has done good things for LGBT people.  Moreover, as I always say, do not be single-issue gays.  We all have a duty to make sure that we get behind the best available option, and newsflash:  it’s not any of the nutcases running for the GOP nomination.