And now I’m not anymore. Thanks, German Catholic doctors who are an embarrassment to the medical profession!

A group of Catholic German doctors has claimed it can help to ‘cure’ homosexual feelings by using a range of homeopathic therapy options – a declaration that has been blasted by gay groups as “dangerous” and as showing “a lack of respect for homosexuals and bisexuals”.

As reported by German website Spiegel, The Union of Catholic Physicians (UCP) offers homeopathic “therapy options for homosexuality” on its website, including “constitutional treatments with homeopathic tools…such as homeopathic dilutions like Platinum,” psychotherapy, religious counseling and pills named as Globuli, which are made mostly of sugar.

Placebos, guilt and a healthy dose of bad science?  Yep, sounds like the organized Christian opposition to gay people to me!  Same old, same old.