There’s a petition:

Every day, gay and lesbian teens in Middle School and High School are made fun of and bullied. It’s sad that some of them are bullied so badly, they decide to commit suicide. Recently, a petition much like this one was created to ask the San Francisco Giants to make an “It Gets Better” video. The Giants announced that they will make a video against bullying. We can do the same.

My name is Sam, I am 12 years old and my two friends and I really like the Boston Red Sox. If we can get a lot of signatures from our peers and teachers, we can possibly have the Red Sox make a video too!

AWESOME. Go sign!

For those interested, there are also petitions for the Cleveland Indians, the New York Yankees, Manchester United, the Texas Rangers,  the Arkansas Razorbacks [ohhhhhhh, yes], the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots, the New York Mets, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Cincinnati Bengals, AND SO ON AND FORTH.

Blow it up, internetz.

How cool would it be for gay and struggling kids if no matter who their home teams are, if they live under the thumb of fundamentalist bigots, they can at least get the message from their teams that it can get and does indeed get better?