Yes, really, he has a post up wherein he explains to you, the gentle reader, why you hate him.  Look:

The left rarely engages me on policy, which is smart considering they support intellectually and morally bankrupt policies and I support time-tested policies that would actually improve the lives of all Americans – including gays and lesbians. Instead of engaging on policy they rely on personal attacks and name-calling, which is fine, I am a big boy and I can take it.

Eh, uh, no. The left may indeed rarely engage him, personally, on matters of policy, because he is mostly a blow-hard, but not because he has better ideas.

But let’s be honest, the left doesn’t hate me because I am mean or brash or too aggressive – the same label can be applied to many of my critics. No, the left hates me because I have the audacity to stand up to them. They hate me because I am a conservative who happens to be gay. They hate me because I won’t be bullied by them. They hate me because I have dared to wander off the liberal plantation, because I refuse to play the victim card, and because I have rejected their failed big government agenda.

Yeah, that’s it. It can’t be because your entire platform is insane. As for “victim cards,” I hear more whining from wingnuts than I will EVER hear from liberals. Indeed, their entire worldview is built on “stickin’ it to the liberals.” But anyway, now you know why he thinks you hate him. It’s useful to remember that at least 85% of what wingnuts believe involves a massive case of projection.

But in the interest in giving lie to his claim that the left doesn’t engage on matters of policy, here is a long list of liberal sources which spend time every single day engaging on policy, debunking the crap spewed by the Right, and generally informing people far more than any wingnut blog or news organization ever will. As a bonus, they use facts! This is what I like to call the Grown-Up Side of the Internet:

Allison Kilkenny
Balloon Juice
Box Turtle Bulletin
Crooks and Liars
Gin and Tacos
Glenn Greenwald
Good As You
Hullaballoo [Digby]
Lawyers, Guns and Money
No More Mister Nice Blog
Obsidian Wings
Pam’s House Blend
RH Reality Check
Right Wing Watch
Sadly, No!
Salon: Joan Walsh
Talking Points Memo
The Mahablog
The New Civil Rights Movement
The Rude Pundit
Think Progress
Truth Wins Out
Whiskey Fire

Don’t see your favorite source of real, policy-driven analysis and information in that list? Those are my favorites. Suggest yours in the comments!