Remember the guy I wrote about the other day, Ben Shapiro?  He has a new pop-up book coming out where he exposes that people in Hollywood are liberals, which means conservatives are victims because nobody will listen to them.  Also, your teevee is indoctrinating you into liking gays and having abortions, he says.

Well, he went on Fox News with Ken Blackwell, the former Ohio Secretary of State, and they talked to Sean Hannity about how Big Bird and Elmo are pinko liberals, “pushing their agenda” on kids by daring to teach minorities how to read.  Then it takes a hilarious turn when Blackwell chimes in, grabbing for the smelling salts over the fact that a gay student was voted prom queen in Virginia.  This can be traced back to Big Bird as well, you see, due to more of that terrible “lib’rul indoctrination.”   Enjoy:

As awful as wingnuts are, and as awful as their influence on our culture, and on LGBT people, is, at least they are in-your-face entertaining.

[h/t Andy]