Annise Parker was elected mayor of Houston in 2009, and it made news across the country because she was the first LGBT person to hold such a position in such a large city.  Houstonians seem to like her for the most part.  The Dallas Voice brings us news, though, that Parker is again being targeted for her sexual orientation by “homophobic electrician” Dave Wilson, who was a gnat in her face during the 2009 elections as well.

It was only a matter of time really: Dave Wilson is sending anti-gay letters (above) to Houstonians attacking Annise Parker, who’s seeking re-election in November.

Wilson, you may remember, is the homophobic electrician who sent 35,000 fliers like the one below to Houston homes during the 2009 elections with a picture of Parker’s swearing in for her previous position as City Comptroller, her partner Kathy Hubbard at her side. The 2009 fliers asked the question, “Is this the image Houston wants to portray?” To which Houston voters resoundingly replied, “Yes!” Parker became the first openly gay person elected mayor of a top 10 U.S. city.

Wilson’s latest attack is on a much smaller scale than his full color assault from 2009: It’s a personal letter sent to Parker’s donors and Houston Democratic precinct chairs.

They just don’t stop. Just as with DADT dead-enders who will cry about openly gay servicemembers until their dying breath, long after they lose and we win, they’ll keep complaining, keep annoying, and looking more and more unhinged to the general population in the process.

Here’s the letter [click to embiggen, of course]:


The Dallas Voice points out, sighing, that the claims in the letter are, of course, inaccurate, starting with the usual fundamentalist scare tactics about “men dressed as women using the women’s bathroom,” etc.  But they also point out that this weirdo, Dave Wilson, actually funnels money into the mayoral races, so unfortunately, like most gnats, he’s impossible to ignore.

One of these days, gay and lesbian politicians will be able to do their jobs without their detractors’ complaints focusing on nothing but their sexuality.  Maybe.  We thought we were past that with race, but then Obama was elected and the Tea Party sprang into existence, using every code word they could to express their fear of a black president.  So I’d say “one of these days” is probably a long way away.