I haven’t had anything to say about the non-scandal that is “Wiener-gate.”  [Ugh, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, A. It involves Andrew Breitbart and B. Go to Gawker or something, because I’m not re-explaining it.]  Basically, a semi-lewd picture of a clothed erect penis was sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account, he claims it was hacked, and it looks like one of Breitbart’s own hacks may have been the hacker.

But what does Dan Blatt at Gay Patriot think about it?  Uhhh…well, he says that if Weiner DID tweet the wiener:

Look, Congressmen are human. They have the same weaknesses, the same strengths, as the rest of us. If Weiner’s twitter wasn’t hacked, Mr Weiner did something a lot of men do when they’re lonely and longing for human connection.

What?! They tweet pictures of their genitals to people they don’t know on Twitter? What?! Normal Behavior, according to Dan Blatt!

Oh my lord…