It makes me happy when Elaine Donnelly opens her mouth. Out of all the Religious Bigot Activists, she is one of the most consistently stupid, most consistently wrong ones of all! Indeed, her record of being right about anything rivals Bill Kristol’s, but she’ll never make as much money for being wrong as he does, because she chose the wrong subject to be a hack about. [He chose:  everything; She chose: gays] ANYWAY, what is coming out of Elaine’s wordhole right now?

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), believes “this statement [regarding the repeal] [of DADT, by Obama] suggests that the president’s political promises to LGBT left activists, the ones who promote lesbian, gay, bisexual [and] transgender causes, are more important than his responsibilities as commander in chief.”

She suggests the president wants to deliver certification of the repeal during “LGBT Pride Month” in June — something he proclaimed last June and the year before that, deviating only slightly from Bill Clinton’s proclamation of “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month” in June 2000.

“This would be highly irresponsible,” Donnelly contends. “There will be a political price to be paid, whether the president realizes that or not. His base will vote for him anyway, but other voters who support the military are likely to consider that action on his part to be an affront to the military, certainly unfair to the troops.”

Ha ha, aren’t you glad you are not Elaine Donnelly?  I mean, if the best artistic representation of my brain involved a GIF of a ping-pong ball slamming against the inside walls of a skull, I would be dejected and bitter!

ANYWAY, so Elaine, in the above quote, was speaking to her hate group of choice, the “news” arm of the Amurkin Famly Sociashun, and she is not happy about the things Barack Obama said about the military!  Apparently, buried deep within the document, he said that he is against any backwoods, buck-toothed morons [my words] who want to repeal his repeal of DADT!  CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

But the problem, for people like Elaine, is that she is soooooo tied up in her bigoted, uneducated, preconceived notions about homosexuality that she cannot understand the following facts, due to aforementioned ping-pong brain problems:

1.  Openly gay service strengthens the military, because it allows qualified people to stay and encourages other qualified people to join.  I mean, especially with Arabic translators, since they were disproportionately affected by DADT.  And who are you terrified of, Elaine, besides gays?  Yes, that is right, you are terrified of brown people with funny names.  Silly idiot.  But lots of them speak Arabic, so it behooves [look it up, Elaine] us to have lots of qualified people who are able to speak with them, in their language!  [Yes, there are other languages, Elaine.  Crazy, I know!]

2.  The GREAT majority [to the tune of like 75%!] of the country supported DADT repeal!  The only political price to pay would be to lose the votes of the 25%, consisting entirely of mindless dingbats, who were against it!  They also are the mindless dingbats who still aren’t sure, even after seeing every document imaginable, that the president was born in the United States, because on top of being mindless dingbats, they are also pigheaded racists who can’t handle the specter of a black man who is smarter and better than they are.  And he is.  Smarter.  Better.  They weren’t voting for him in 2012 anyway, so it’s not really a “loss,” per se.

3.  Hey Elaine, do you remember that time you embarrassed yourself testifying in Congress, when Patrick Murphy tore you apart, and we all laughed and giggled, for obvious reasons, but also because you showed up wearing a pink triangle?!  Good lord, woman, get a job!  Oh what, you have no discernible skills?

Oh well.  Some people get “Left Behind” in this society, I guess.  Elaine Donnelly got Left Behind.  By reality.  Should we feel sorry for her, or just move on?  I pick “move on.”