Well, this made your blogger cry some good, healthy tears.  ABC’s “What Would You Do?” placed actors pretending to be gay couples with children dining at a restaurant in Texas, and another actress pretending to be a waitress who is morally outraged by the idea of gay couples with kids.  The point was to see if other patrons would stand up to defend the gay families, or whether they would support the waitress in her bigotry.  The results are quite moving, and are a testament to how much better things are getting, even in Texas.  There’s one guy at the end who supports the waitress’s hate, but he’s too ashamed of himself to appear on television, as well he should be.  But the rest of it?  Amazing.  Especially the guy in the middle who brings one of the “gay moms,” who actually is a lesbian in real life, a heartfelt note of encouragement, love and support.

This is must-viewing if you haven’t seen it yet.

[h/t Lousy Canuck & Greg Laden]