jillsobuleblog_2 (1)So here’s something fun and amazing.  My new buddy Jill Sobule wrote this song a while back, after coming in contact with a certain prominent “ex-gay”‘ that Porno Pete likes to talk about.   Here, let her tell you:

I wrote “The Rapture” after buying one of those “Left Behind” books at an airport bookstore – I had to do my pre-Millenium Dispensationalist pop-lit research. I didn’t finish reading it, as I already knew the ending. I also had a couple of internet conversations with an-ex gay (as well as ex-bulimic, ex-alcoholic ) preacher. He liked me, but said that I was bound for hell no matter how nice I was.

She posted it a few days before we were all supposed to be Left Behind, but it didn’t happen so here we are, listening to it today!  You’ll all really enjoy the verse that starts around 0:28 or so.  If you are not familiar with Jill, may I recommend that you pay close attention to the lyrics, in general.

Click this clicky to listen to and/or download “The Rapture.”