On Sunday, I wrote in my weekly column:

“Now that Daniels is out, I predict that Sarah Palin will soon announce she is running for president. She must be somewhere in the tundra looking at the shabby crop of contenders and think: “I can beat them.” Of course, she’s correct and if she chose to run, I’m fairly certain that she would get the nomination. Surely, Palin would get off to a fast start in the conservative Iowa caucuses and her chances are quite good in South Carolina.”

Today’s New York Times reports:

Sarah Palin is fortifying her small staff of advisers, buying a house in Arizona — where associates have said she could base a national campaign — and reviving her schedule of public appearances. The moves are the most concrete signals yet that Ms. Palin, the former governor of Alaska, is seriously weighing a Republican presidential bid.

Seems like the crystal ball is still working. However, I was wrong about the tundra, with Palin moving to the desert. While not being able to see Russia may hinder her foreign policy expertise, she will no doubt soon be an expert on Mexico simply by crossing the border and ordering a margarita.