Background here if you missed it.  Basically, Westboro Baptist Church protested her show, so she decided to give $1,000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis for every one of those rascals that showed up.  They brought forty-eight, and she rounded it up to an even fifty.  And here is the best part:

As you can notice on the check above, Lisa forgot to sign the thing! So, before she left she did just that– and our reporter on the ground, Billy Procida says she also drew a penis next to the Church’s name in the “memo” section– you know, just in case it wasn’t 100 percent clear she hates them.

Score! All bow down to worship the Lampanelli.  If you click the clicky, you can see the penis picture, but this is a FAMILY BLOG, and I’m not like Porno Pete, posting wing-wangs and all that bullroar.