A new Gallup poll is out on whether Americans support — not marriage equality — but whether or not Americans view gay and lesbian relations to be moral, and whether or not they should be legal.  Guess what?  We win, at our highest levels ever, on both counts.  Check out these graphics:



Of course, it’s fairly pathetic that a full 40% of the country still thinks that gay relationships are “morally wrong,” considering the fact that there is zero evidence for that belief.*  We’ve got a ways to go.  But the fact that 64% now believes that our lives [and it is our lives, for god’s sake**] should be legal should tell you something.  You see, there are always people in the middle who still have “two minds” on the subject.  Even if they’re “uncomfortable” with it, appeals to fairness, diversity and equality tell them that, regardless of their personal feelings on the subject, they shouldn’t try to take the fullness of life away from entire groups of people.

And again, look at those trend lines.  They are only and always going in our favor.  The one exception is in the first poll, where there is a pronounced dip in the 80’s.  And class, what happened in the 80’s, that it took a long time for the American public to get informed about?  Good job, children!

Anyway, the moral of the story [and the theme of this day, apparently] is that Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Peter LaBarbera, Tony Perkins, and all others who fight to instill hatred for you and me day in, day out, every single day of their sad, forgotten lives, need to get real jobs.

Or get sugar daddies.  Whatever.  Perkins might like that.

[h/t Andy]

*Then again, large swaths of the American public believe lots of things with no basis in fact or evidence.

**Someone ostensibly close to me tried to tell me the other day that I work for a hate group, just of a different kind.  After picking my jaw up off the floor, I tried in vain to explain to these deaf ears that NO, your false equivalency is utter bullshit, as we seek to take nothing from those who hate us.  However, the theocratic, mindless bigots we fight against every day think they have a constitutional right to screw an entire minority group out of our own freedoms to live our lives with the same guarantees, privileges, rights and responsibilities as the rest of the population.  How anyone who is a sentient being can fail to see that is utterly beyond me.