bradleeWhat a whiner. If you’ll remember, the other day, hate-filled pastor Bradlee Dean was invited to give the opening prayer in the Minnesota legislature. Dean, of course, is one of the most unhinged anti-gay wingnuts in the country, having asserted [among other things] that Islamic nations that put gays to death are more moral than the United States, for that reason.  The outrage came immediately after his bigoted prayer, which excluded people of all faiths other than Christianity, and insinuated that President Obama isn’t a Christian.  There was a do-over, an outraged Democratic representative who took to the floor immediately, and a tail-between-the-legs reaction from the Republican House Speaker.

So Bradlee Dean decided to take to the radio and his website and cry, cry, cry. Here’s what he said on his website:

“If Speaker Zellers does not stand for the Constitution, our veterans, the Founding Forefathers and the Christian God to whom he swears by an oath to uphold these very things, then I would say Mr. Zellers is not fit to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Minnesota,” Dean wrote on his website Friday. “Today Speaker Zellers exemplified a point I have made many times over in past years. When a little heat comes for taking a stand, diplomatic people immediately bend to the opposition. They fall all over themselves to apologize for something that they claim to stand for when speaking to their constituents. But when it comes to actually putting what they said into practice, they denounce the Constitution’s laws and the people’s principles who voted them in. How hypocritical.”

Right, whatever. Then he whined on the radio:

Dean then devoted his entire two-hour radio program to the prayer flap. He denied mentioning President Obama and compared himself to Martin Luther.

“I went into them chambers with total respect,” Dean told his listeners. “I feel like Martin Luther, innocently nailing the 95 theses on the wall, and I’m not even Catholic.”

“I didn’t say we weren’t a Christian nation, Obama did,” Dean said. “If you want to point the finger at someone denying Christianity in our country, you might want to talk to Obama about it, because I didn’t say it.”

No, Bradlee, dearheart, you didn’t say we weren’t a Christian nation. That is not even what people are accusing you of. So either you are too dumb to understand the English language when it is directed at you, or you’re lying and creating a strawman since you can’t fight against what you actually did say. It’s one of the two, or possibly a combination of the two.

For their part, members of the DFL party issued a statement protesting the decision to invite such an unhinged bigot to participate in such an honored tradition, and Andy Birkey’s got that posted if you want to read it.