Not content to be simply the mosquito in the underoos of the greater Chicago area, Porno Pete is upset that a different area in Illinois is having a gay pride celebration:

Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera said today that Springfield’s first-ever “Gay Pride” celebration is another tragic watershed for the Land of Lincoln – and said aggressive homosexual activism encroaching on America’s heartland will surely undermine the First Amendment and religious liberties of citizens who stand for traditional, biblical morality.

Encroaching on America’s heartland! What’s next, gays? Nebraska?! Oh, there are already gays in Nebraska? Well, whatever.

LaBarbera and AFTAH (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality) will stand in silent counter-protest to the Springfield homosexual “pride” festival near the state capitol (on Capital Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets), under the banner: “Homosexuality: Wrong. Unhealthy. Unnatural. Changeable.”

And he can’t prove a damn one of those adjectives without looking at his old faith book, which he interprets so poorly as to give me the sneaking suspicion that he reads it upside down.

Anyway, Springfield gays and the people who love them: enjoy your Pride, and enjoy the fact that Peter, in this press release, is promising to keep his trap shut in “silent protest.” Wouldn’t want his voice hole interfering with the festivities, now would we?