Ew, as a Tennessean, I am so embarrassed to be bringing you this news.  From the blog of the Tennessee Equality Project:

The Senate voted to approve an amended version of SB0049 by a vote of 19 to 11.


Tennessee Equality Project observes that the amended version of SB0049 no longer makes direct reference to sexual orientation. However, SB0049 and its House companion (HB0229) remain a threat to safe schools in Tennessee. The State House of Representatives is expected to review HB0229 as early as January of 2012. TEP will continue to advocate against both versions of the Don’t Say Gay Bill.

A little more background from the AP:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A bill passed Friday by the Tennessee Senate would forbid public school teachers and students in grades kindergarten through eight from discussing the fact that some people are gay.

Opponents deride the measure as the “don’t say gay bill.” They say it’s unfair to the children of gay parents and could lead to more bullying. Supporters say it is intended to give teachers clear guidance for dealing with younger children on a potentially explosive topic.

If this makes it all the way through, it will of course be tied up in litigation and laughed at by the judiciary, but this is what happens when you hand truly stupid people the keys to the statehouse.