To refresh everyone’s memories, Bradlee Dean is the crazy hate pastor in Minnesota, a close associate of Michele Bachmann’s, who believes that supporting gay rights will bring shari’a law to the United States, who has stated that Muslim countries who put gays to death are more moral than American Christians, and who has asserted that gay men molest around 117 kids before they are caught.  He has been supported by the extremist Tom Emmer, who ran for governor of Minnesota last year and was the primary reason for the Target boycott.  Really an unhinged, hateful human being.

So it was a bit disgusting to see that Bradlee Dean was invited to give the opening prayer in the Minnesota legislature this morning:

Classy tracksuit.  After the prayer was over, the session stopped and restarted because people were so offended by Dean’s words, which sought to exclude people of different faiths, which suggested that the President is not Christian, and was just generally hateful.

At least one Democrat, Representative Terry Morrow, was outraged enough to stand up and speak about it right then and there:

Indeed, something went very wrong in the Minnesota legislature today, for a figure such as Bradlee Dean to be allowed such an honor. For more of his hateful rhetoric, the Minnesota Independent has a good round-up.

I placed a call to find out who was responsible for Bradlee Dean’s invitation, but haven’t heard back yet, but I’ll update when I find out.