Religious Right hate groups have long clung to language such as “the American people define marriage as between a man and a woman,” and they had a good run with it.  It never really got gays down because we knew where the trend was going.  We know every time they sputter about how “thirty-one states have voted against gay marriage,” that that line is only valid until states start voting for it en masse. The thing about their message is that younger generations just aren’t stupid enough to buy into their bile.  We know it, and they know it.

Yet another poll has come out [this is the fourth in a matter of weeks] showing that yes, Margaret Gallagher-Srivastav, the American people support marriage equality:

A poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute on Thursday confirmed what several other national pollsters have found: A majority of Americans now support marriage rights for same-sex couples. The poll found that 51 percent of Americans supported legalizing gay marriage compared to 43 who opposed legalization.

The poll also showed that the level of “strong” support for gay marriage is equal to the level of “strong” opposition. Twenty-four percent said they strongly felt that gay marriage should be legal while 25 percent said they strongly opposed the idea.


The PPRI poll mirrors similar findings by CNN in April that found 51 percent of Americans supporting gay marriage and 44 percent opposed. A Washington Post poll in March found that 53 percent supported gay marriage and 44 percent opposed it.

Now, will the Religious right continue to claim that the “American people” are against marriage equality? Of course, for two reasons:

1. They are liars, above all else.
2. They are supremacists, and when they say “American people,” the truth is that they really only mean “American people” who believe and look like they do. They view themselves as above the rest of us, as the true inheritors of America. Yes, it is laughable, but it is what they believe. This is why they spend countless hours indoctrinating their children into false versions of American history which write things like church-state separation out of the Constitution. They’re delusional, and they’re happy that way.

But let the record show — the American people are on our side here. And that pendulum just ain’t goin’ back the way.

Sorry, bigots.