don-lemon-sexy1Right now.  Do what I say.

Here’s how Mike sets it up:

Don is so completely enthralled at being out, and you can hear it in his voice. We talked about the issues in the book, but also a lot about the closet in the media, in television journalism, and how his coming out might affect other, closeted TV anchors; what the impact will be in the black community and what it means for young people of color; and how it feels to now be out, on a show with his boyfriend and a gay radio host. Don got a little bit weepy on that last topic.

I stayed up an hour later than I had planned last night listening to it, because it was so enjoyable. There’s a moment about fifteen minutes into the first clip where Don starts talking about a phone call with his mother on the first day he came out publicly. She told him that his aunt had called asking why he was “airing his dirty laundry” in public, and that she had suggested that there were churches in Atlanta who could “counsel” Don about being gay. Don’s response was just amazing. He calmly explained that he has a beautiful, happy life, with a beautiful home and a happy boyfriend, and that quite frankly, his life is probably happier than those of the people who are urging him to seek “counseling.”

That’s one of the things that religious fundamentalists never can get through their thick skulls — that happy, healthy, well-adjusted gay people are just as happy, and often happier and more fulfilled than they are. We create beautiful lives, and the last thing we need is their “help.”

Anyway, go listen to it.