Seriously, my headline is completely accurate.  More information:

(Minneapolis) –At a book signing in Minneapolis, recently declared the hippest and gayest city in America, local activist Robert Erickson greeted 2012 GOP presidential contender and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich with a shower of rainbow glitter.

“Feel the Rainbow!” Erickson shouted. Gingrich was conducting the book signing as part of The Minnesota Family Council & Institute Annual Dinner 2011 celebration. The MFC has been an instrumental mover of a marriage inequality amendment that would enshrine discrimination in Minnesota’s state constitution.

“Since Newt is hanging with the Family Council, I figured he needed a shiny dose of Minnesota Nice to counteract the hate embraced by those who are pushing this divisive bill,” Erickson said. “Of course, he might have to explain all the glitter to his third wife, Callista.”


Hey, Minnesota Family Council, you troupe of gnarly hypocrites:  which one of Newtie’s affairs is your favorite?  The one where he brought a legal pad to the hospital to discuss the details of divorce with his wife, who was there because she was fighting cancer is my favorite.  Is that the one you like?

Note when you watch the video the creepy, creepy guy in the second half. I do believe that his picture is in the dictionary next to “Stranger Danger.”

[h/t watertiger]

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