Here, wingnuts.  Heeeeeeeere, wingnuts.  One, two, three, complain!

Though the Golden State’s “Harvey Milk Day” falls on a Sunday this year, pro-family activists are still concerned about the curriculum and activities that will involve children.


Jerry Cox, president of the Family Council Action Committee in Little Rock

Who has an opinion relevant to a California state holiday for obvious reasons.

sees a double standard in public schools, as officials refuse to honor Christian leaders.

“On the other hand, if a person has left-leaning philosophies, a left-leaning theology, a left-leaning view of the world, then it seems that it’s always in vogue to honor those people and to have a special holiday for them,” Cox notes.

Oh, ye Arkansas yokel, just complain about having to celebrate MLK, Jr.’s birthday and stop pussyfooting around.

Children will be required to participate in exercises that honor Milk, which could include mock homosexual “weddings” and cross-dressing contests, as well as writing or reading activities.

Source?! Yeah, that’s what they’re going to do to honor Milk. They’re going to gay marry each other and have drag shows. I was going to suggest a Sodomy Shadow Puppet contest, but I guess they won’t have time.

I really wonder what planet wingnuts live on sometimes.