Apparently Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown believe that gay people have to die so that marriage can be sacred.

Joe Jervis over at Joe.My.God has a post up containing a video of Brian Brown speaking at Sen. Ruben Diaz hate rally in the Bronx this afternoon. It’s worth a look to get a feel for the heated atmosphere Diaz, Brown and company feel is appropriate for addressing the place of their gay neighbors in society.  At the 2:55 mark, Brown shouts the following out at the crowd:

“It changes what is taught in the schools. Kids as young as kindergarten are taught in Massachusetts that their parents are bigots because they believe marriage is the union of a man and a woman.”

It just isn’t possible by now, that Brown and Gallagher don’t know their claim that the curriculum of kindergarten in Massachusetts has anything to do with same-sex marriage is false.  But the smear that The Homosexuals Are After Your Children has a long history, even before Anita Bryant embodied it with her Save Our Children campaign, which was not so much about saving children (certainly not any gay ones at least) then it was making sure gay citizens could loose their jobs simply for being gay.  But if it’s not possible that Brown and Gallagher don’t know that Massachusetts isn’t teaching kindergarteners about same-sex marriages, it’s also not possible that they don’t know how useful it is to say that it is.

So here is Brown doubling-down on it.  Not only is Massachusetts teaching kindergarteners about same-sex marriage, but their teachers are telling them that their parents are bigots.  And he’s doing it in a community that’s already had some pretty spectacular anti-gay violence recently…

Bronx gang accused of torturing gay man and 3 others make first court appearance

Eight gay-hating Bronx gangbangers accused of one of the city’s most savage crimes in years appeared in court Sunday to face charges in what Mayor Bloomberg called an act of “pure evil.”

They stand accused of torturing and terrorizing a gay man, his older brother and two teenagers over the course of many hours Oct. 3 in Morris Heights.

“Is it true you’re a fag?” ringleader Idelfonso (Cheto) Mendez allegedly demanded of his bound victims before punching them in the face.

Prosecutors said he repeated the query and the punch over and over again.

Straight Teen Killed in Queens Gay-Bash Attack

Anti-gay bias attacks don’t always target gays. Sometimes violent perpetrators screaming anti-gay epithets target straight men instead. Such may have been the case in the March 12 beating death in Queens, New York, of 18-year-old Anthony Collao, a heterosexual recent high school graduate, reported the New York Daily News on March 15.

Several young men who reportedly broke windows, scrawled on the walls with red markers, and made hand gestures associated with gangs invaded a party hosted by two gay men. The men also reportedly attacked and beat Collao while hurling anti-gay epithets, the article said.

The news account said that Collao tried to avoid violence by leaving the party once the four intruders entered. The gang chased him down, the article said, threw him up against a car, and pummeled him mercilessly. Collao was reportedly was reportedly punched, kicked, and stomped. One assailant was said to be carrying a pipe.

Four suspects were later placed under arrest. One of the young men was wearing Collao’s baseball cap, and the other three were “covered in blood.”

Do you really think that Ruben Diaz doesn’t know about any of this?  Or Brian Brown?

“Kids as young as kindergarten are taught in Massachusetts that their parents are bigots because they believe marriage is the union of a man and a woman…”

The homosexuals are coming for your children!!! This is the kind of thing that gets people gay bashed and killed.  And NOM’s utter indifference to the climate of violence this sort of rhetoric can enable speaks volumes.  Perhaps it’s true that Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown do not hate gay people.  Perhaps.  Clearly they regard hate as a useful tool.  It gets people to the voting booth.  It gets their checkbooks opened up.

A few months ago Maggie, you asked, rhetorically, “Do I have blood on my hands?” And you know, I’ve been wondering why you didn’t bother wearing your wedding ring to the DOMA hearings a few weeks ago. They say the wedding ring embodies the continuous flow of love, a never-ending circle symbolizing eternity, where there is no beginning or end, the gold symbolizing purity…gold being one of the noble elements that are said to be incorruptible.  But the spilling of innocent blood corrupts everything it touches.  That simple, elegant and beautiful symbol of eternal love…you’re turning it into a thing of shame Maggie.  I don’t think very many couples want their wedding vows sealed with a ring of blood.



Joe Jervis posts what looks like the cover of NOM’s current mailer…


It seems NOM wants to make sure everyone gets the message about the threat posed to children by homosexuals.  When you have reduced your neighbor to the status of a scarecrow that drives voters to the polls, or a scapegoat for every failure of moral character you would rather not be held accountable for, when you cannot see the people for the homosexuals, then threats to their lives become meaningless abstractions.  They’re not your neighbors, they’re not people, they’re things…and the safety of things isn’t something that often crosses the mind.  It’s not hate exactly…it’s what hate does to the heart eventually.

The Homosexuals Are After Your Children!!! It’s a message that gets attention and, for now, wins elections.  The trump card you can play when it looks like too many voters are starting to view the homosexual as their neighbor.  It also gets people killed.  But for that to weigh on your conscience, you have to see gays as people, not things.