Teabaggers are having a lot of fun overreaching in state legislatures around the nation right now.  In Minnesota, an anti-gay marriage amendment just passed the state Senate, but it seems that most of those who voted for it are too ashamed to speak up and defend themselves:

Reaction to the passage of a Republican anti–gay marriage amendment in the Minnesota Senate on Wednesday was swift. “They have made a grave, grave mistake, and I think they will see that soon,” Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, the only member of the LGBT community in the Senate. The bill’s author, Maple Grove Republican Warren Limmer, dodged questions by Dibble and reporters about whether he thinks same-sex marriage is immoral and whether the measure was really about morality. Though he didn’t answer, Limmer has made his opposition to homosexuality very clear in his 20 years in office.

Dibble chastised Republicans who seemed shy to speak on the Senate floor in support of the amendment. During three hours of debate, only Limmer and Sen. Paul Gazelka, R-Brainerd, spoke in favor of the amendment.

“I think they are ashamed of themselves. I think they know they are wrong,” Dibble told reporters after the vote. “I think the order from their operatives and party handlers was, ‘Be quiet, because what we are doing is not where Minnesotans are at.’ They are responding to the pressure of a very vocal minority.”

The piece goes on to detail how, in past years, Warren Limmer has been a foaming-at-the-mouth sort of anti-gay wingnut, which implies that his reticence in defending his views is a new thing. Perhaps Republicans around the country, clinging to anti-gay bigotry as they are, are yet still figuring out that the nation is moving on, relegating their antiquated fears to the dustbin where they belong. It’s too bad none of them will simply grow up and vote for equality.