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I knew this was going to happen.  When Google Chrome launched its amazing “It Gets Better” ad, which first aired during Glee, and I saw that one of the many people telling gay kids that it gets better was Woody from Toy Story, I just knew some wingnut was going to make a stinky on the internet.  And of course the winner is Alan Chambers of Pray Away the Gay Bar and Grill!  Let us see what this character has to say this time, helped as he is by Dave Bozon of New American:

“You’ll be fine, partner.” That’s the advice America’s favorite cartoon cowboy, Woody from the popular movie franchise Toy Story, is giving to young people struggling with homosexual attraction.

For the bajillionth time, you can’t just substitute “struggling with homosexual attraction” for “gay.” I know it feels better in wingnut reality, where being gay is viewed as an affliction, but not in actual reality.

In fact, “It gets better,” choruses a cast of Hollywood and entertainment notables such as Anne Hathaway, Kathy Griffin, Lady Gaga, and Adam Lambert, who appear in a television ad promoting both homosexuality and Google’s Chrome web browser.

Both gayness AND easy tabbed browsing! The ad works too, because here I am sitting, both gay and using Google Chrome.

The ad begins with Savage, sitting next to another presumably homosexual male

His husband.

But Alan Chambers of Exodus International

Is part of the problem that leads to kids getting bullied for who they are, and has inflicted untold pain on men and women across the globe, due to the junk science and lies he sells.

asserted that the well-intentioned TV ad sends the wrong message to youth struggling with same-sex attraction. Chambers told the Christian Post that for the thousands of individuals his organization has reached out to, “it obviously didn’t get better living a gay life,” and only through leaving that lifestyle and embracing faith in God have their lives “become radically better.”

Chambers would rather indoctrinate already vulnerable people into the lie that their sexual orientation can and should be changed, and moreover he and his kind tend to prey upon gay people who have hit rock bottom in other areas, convincing them to scapegoat their sexuality for all their problems. This, of course, leads them to be worse off, as they spend thousands of dollars trying to remove something that is simply part of who they are.

While Chambers indicated that he was not surprised to see a commercial where celebrities and even Fortune 500 companies endorse homosexuality, it came as somewhat of a shock to see a beloved cartoon character co-opted for homosexual activism. “Children all over the world, including my two children, are fans of Toy Story, and to see a character like that endorsing something that at this point children have no need to know about, it’s disappointing,” he told the Christian Post.

Children all over the world, including Alan’s two children, have no need to know about reality, especially if they happen to be gay kids, he seems to be saying. God forbid a message of hope and support rise above the din of shame and hate that Alan teaches.

“I think that we have to promote the stories of people who have found an alternative to homosexuality,” he told the Post, along with doing “a better job at addressing issues related to bullying and violence and how kids have been treated at public schools.”

Yeah, Alan, you do tell those stories though.  And then we tell the rest of the story, after they come back out of the closet, because they’re still gay.