The New York Times reports that the earth’s population, long projected to peak just above 9 billion in the middle of the century, will instead keep expanding to 10.1 billion by the year 2100. It is unclear if the world will be able to handle this influx of people. It very well may lead to famine, hunger, and wars over scarce resources.

Of course, much of the population growth is a result of the anti-life (or quality of life) policies pushed by fundamentalists. According to the Times:

Though they were a major focus of development policy in the 1970s and 1980s, such programs (family planning) have stagnated in many countries, caught up in ideological battles over abortion, sex education and the role of women in society. Conservatives have attacked such programs as government meddling in private decisions, and in some countries, Catholic groups fought widespread availability of birth control…..Over the past decade, foreign aid to pay for contraceptives — $238 million in 2009 — has barely budged, according to United Nations estimates. The United States has long been the biggest donor, but the budget compromise in Congress last month cut international family planning programs by 5 percent.

Thanks fundies!

It is quite clear that you have contempt for the planet you actually occupy (you derisively refer to it as “the world”) and trash it because you think God will bail you out and clean up your mess. Unfortunately, those of us who don’t buy into your bizarre rapture fantasies are stuck here to suffer the consequences. The fundie lifestyle often devalues human life and worships fetuses, but hardly gives a damn about children once they are actually born. How else does one explain the brainless attacks on family planning and reckless indifference to climate catastrophe and overpopulation?

It is also worth noting that the huge jumps in population are slated to occur in Africa where there are no shortage of zealous American missionaries hawking their destructive, intolerant and dangerous beliefs.

The only thing these ego-driven, short-sighted fanatics care about is replicating themselves to boost membership in their churches. As far as they are concerned, the rest of the world can go to hell. They care little about humanity and if their policies are not discredited and stopped, the overcrowded world will pay a terrible price.

While fundamentalists sell the lie that their stale beliefs and misguided “morals” are good for the world, the facts say otherwise.

Who ya gonna believe — the facts or the fundies?