RickSantorumHeadshotRick Santorum and his wife Karen must believe in a fun-loving prankster kinda God, because Karen just told CBN reporter David Brody that it is “God’s will” for old Frothy Mix to be a presidential candidate in 2012.  Man, their “god” has a wicked sense of humor, apparently:

Okay, so let’s review.  The man’s name actually now means “unwelcome byproduct of anal sex when performed incorrectly.”  Millions of people know this, and those who don’t pretty much find out when they Google the name “Rick Santorum.”  Moreover, another story people know and love [are grossed out by] is the tale of when Karen miscarried [which is sad], leading the Santorums to bring the twenty week-old fetus home to introduce it to their children and then cuddle with it overnight [which is bizarre].  Not only that, Karen wrote a book of letters to the fetus!  Oh, and in his recently launched presidential campaign materials, he accidentally stole a line from a pro-union, pro-immigrant Langston Hughes poem.  Langston Hughes, of course, was gay, so we are full circle back to man-on-dog sex, the comment Rick Santorum made which prompted Dan Savage to turn his name into a synonym for “frothy mix.”  As Ken Layne put it in 2009, “even by Republican standards, he is an outrageously stupid bigot and total human failure.”

Hehindeedy!  So, basically, it is a foregone conclusion that any presidential campaign that Rick Santorum chooses to mount [insert one more man-on-dog joke here] will be a hilarious sideshow, and he and his wife believe that this is God’s will?  As I said, their god must be quite the jokester.  Either that or Santorum thinks he’s a newfangled dumb bigot reincarnation of Job.

2012 is going to be so fun.

[h/t Dan Savage]