Several weeks back, parts of the Wingnut-o-sphere were losing their marbles over a J. Crew online ad which showed their president, Jenna Lyons, with her son, and his toenail was painted pink.  This, of course, to the Religious Right, represents a pink, glittery, slippery slope to transgenderism.  This month, the same online catalog has something that is actually gay, in that it’s a spotlight on one of their designers, who happens to be gay, and his boyfriend [also gay].  It’s a cute picture:


Will they freak out again? Oh, who knows?  What’s funny though, is that, whether they do or not, the thing the Religious Right never seems to understand is that companies like J. Crew wouldn’t do things like this if they thought there was an actual danger of them alienating their target market.  J. Crew knows that the kind of people who buy cute clothes have moved on, for the most part, from petulant, immature bigotry.

[h/t Adweek]