RickSantorumHeadshotNot that they’re ever self-aware, mind you.

But it’s been kind of a hoot today, watching as ultra conservative wingnuts attempt to find their footing in a world where their hated boogeyman, President Barack Obama, ordered the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.  They’re so confused because they actually believe their own propaganda about Obama — that he’s Muslim, that he hates America, that he’s a weak foreign policy leader, blah blah blah whatever — so for the Kenyan Muslim Traitor Gay to achieve what their beloved Flightsuit McCodpiece couldn’t?  Heh.

Here is Bryan Fischer of the hate group called the American Family Association claiming that because Obama did this, we are all now at risk or something, of the retaliation of the entire Islamic world.  Bryan Fischer, of course, holds to the belief that most Muslims support bin Laden, because thinking and researching facts for yourself is a bridge too far for Bryan.  [Aside:  one of the most interesting things, to me, in the last day, has been reading comments sections on Arab/Muslim/Pakistani news sites.  Lots of diversity of thought and opinion, and a lot of nuance.  Most seem to be saying “good riddance to the SOB,” though.]

That came from an entertaining round-up of wingnut reactions in Mother Jones, so head over there if you want to see the rest.

Rick Santorum’s reaction was really butthurt:

Barack Obama, who certainly is not someone I would say is known for fighting great causes in defense of American freedom, but I will give him credit in this, that he remained vigilant in going after Osama bin Laden. […]

We have to continue to be vigilant in going after this enemy, when we’ve seen, if anything from this administration, is a lack of leadership, an indecisiveness, a confusion in dealing with the troubles that have erupted, particularly in the Middle East during this presidency. We’ve seen a lack of conviction, a lack of resolve. … Maybe, again, that will change as a result of this success over the weekend.

Hahahaha, Obama has done more to defend American freedom than you ever will, Frothy Mix.

Of course, there are more wingnut reactions to this than one can count, and I’m trying to focus on ones that are particularly relevant to us, but if you’re in the mood for more fun, check out Roy’s Village Voice column this week, and I’ll post more as they become available.