And Peter was the only one Matt was trying to impress, so yay.


Uh, Pete?  There’s a difference between being offended by a joke — we’re not — and not laughing because an attempted joke isn’t funny. Our reaction to Bam Bam’s immediate need to make a gay joke in the wake of bin Laden’s death, was pity, on two fronts, not outrage.  Pity because this is yet another example of the fact that wingnuts just can’t Do Funny.  There is a reason that the great majority of humorists are liberals — comedic talent tends to correspond with liberal values, though I’m not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg — and that conservatives aren’t well represented, and it’s that the best humor has to have some sort of grounding in reality in order to work.  A religious extremist making a strangely timed gay joke that only will appeal to a few slobbering wingnuts who can’t stop thinking about gay sex on the occasion of the killing of another religious extremist simply doesn’t qualify as humor.  The other reason we felt pity was because, as I said earlier, the fact that the immediate reaction of an anti-gay wingnut to this event was to reveal that even then, he was thinking about gay sex, was sad and disturbing.

Many funny things have been said since last night.  Indeed, over at the humor site Wonkette — where I am a humor writer! — the initial post on bin Laden’s death was tagged with these words:  “Texas Justice Administered By Kenyan.”

That is funny.  Not Bam Bam’s little attempt at a schoolyard dig for the benefit of nine or ten chairborne wingnuts.