Look, it’s just not going to be a Random Ten until the Macbook Gods visit me, but there will be music.  So, I think I’ve started Random Tens with both of the songs I’m about to post, and I don’t care because I make the rules.  I have been listening to Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” all week long on repeat, and I’ve had about fifty days over the past year where I could listen to nothing but that song.  Also, Brandi has an amazing live record coming out next week, with the Seattle Symphony, and you can stream it here.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Then after that, I’m posting “Challengers” by the New Pornographers, for two reasons:  1.  I’m seeing them tomorrow night!  2.  It’s another song that’s been extremely meaningful to me over the past year, so let’s listen to those and then it’s the weekend?  Yes.  Go!!!