Massachusetts is in the process of holding hearings for the confirmation of Barbara Lenk, who would be the first openly gay members of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.  So of course, the wingnuts have come out to play:

Supporters spoke to the Governor’s Council hearing of Lenk’s “exceptional intellect .?.?. fairness .?.?. judgment .?.?. temperament” and unbiased adherence to the law.

Detractors spoke mostly about sex. Councilor Marilyn Devaney spoke of “penile/vaginal penetration” — David Funnell of the Commonwealth Covenant Keepers, of “bodily pleasures, unbridled sexual license” and the “militant homosexual subculture elevating their shame to status.”

Omnipresent anti-gay crusader Brian Camenker discussed some “disgusting,” “vulgar,” “profane” and “degrading” Concord Carlisle High School play about homosexual lovers, though it was unclear how that connected to Lenk.

At one point, the prose turned so wanton that Councilor Mary-Ellen Manning advised those under 18 to leave.

Of course Brian Camenker acted like a fool — he always does — but what is it with the anti-gay wingnut set and their obsession with sex? Is it because they live a chosen lifestyle that surrounds the entire topic with shame, and so any and all statements they make on it sound weird and prurient? [Yes.]

Later on, another councilor decided it was important to grill Lenk on how much she liked Dr. Kevorkian.  Naturally.

Far from silencing them, though, I’m so glad that people like Brian Camenker take every opportunity they can to speak and speak loudly.  They win people for our side every time they do.