I actually watched Glee last night.  [Give me back my gay card.]  I had seen it once before, and had enjoyed it, but I really don’t watch teevee very much, so I miss out on most of the Things I Should Be Watching.  I was actually really impressed by how well they handle a variety of subjects, including the obvious existence of gay students in high school.  Of course, no reality is the best reality for the Religious Right, so they’ve been whining about Glee ever since it debuted.

Last night, inspired by this week’s Glee, Fox’s Houston affiliate decided to debate the asinine question, “Is  TV Too Gay?,” and in order that the debate be “fair and balanced,” they decided to bring none other than Bryan Fischer on to the program, the same Bryan Fischer who is almost single-handedly responsible for landing the American Family Association on the SPLC’s list of anti-gay hate groups.  Fischer is just as extreme in his beliefs as the Westboro Baptist Church, but we can only surmise that his knees are too old to handle that sort of protest schedule.  Fischer didn’t say anything new, because there’s no intellectual basis for his beliefs, and therefore no room for nuance or exploration.  He just drooled some words about “glamorizing the homosexual lifestyle,” lied to the camera by suggesting that there is no such thing as safe gay sex, and threw out a few of his other greatest hits.

Luckily, Ray Hill, the gay activist on the other side, isn’t afraid to play the game and calls Fischer as a liar to his face.  Enjoy:

My question, though, is this:  what producer at Fox Houston made the absurd decision to bring on one of the world’s most unhinged anti-gay activists?  Get with the program, sir or ma’am!  You have The Googles at your disposal and you can easily find that Bryan Fischer lies as often as his mouth is open, and is motivated not only by anti-gay hatred, but by racism and all other sorts of bigotry.  His views on Native Americans and black people come to mind.  He is not “the other side” of the gay issue or any other issue.   He is the moral equivalent of a head covered by a white sheet.

Next time, try to “do journalism” more responsibly.