Nothing about this is surprising:

Eight horses – one just a week old and another ready to give birth – died in a raging barn fire in Ohio that lawmen think was set because of hatred for gays.

Brent Whitehouse of McConnelsville said an orange glow outside his home on Easter night drew him to the horror.

“I ran out there, but the doors of my barn wouldn’t open and suddenly, flames were shooting up through the roof. That barn was gone in five minutes,” he told the Zanesville Times Recorder.


Still visible on the remains of the gutted barn’s walls Tuesday were spray-painted epithets such as “f-gs are freaks” and “burn in hell,” the newspaper reported.


he value of the horses was said to be in hundreds of thousands of dollars but Whitehouse, who owns an insurance company in the tiny village in southeastern Ohio, was hurt far more by the loss of Elvis, Barney, Love, Bella and Ethel, Floyd and Princess and her week-old foal, Buddy.

“The barn I can rebuild, but the bond I had with those horses can’t be replaced,” said Whitehouse.

Absolutely awful. But again, not surprising. The kind of mentally disturbed person who would commit a hate crime against a gay person would likely have no problem brutally killing animals.