I agree with this WaPo writer, who contends that silly Stacey Campfield’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Tennessee, the one which prohibits teachers from discussing gayness until high school, simply doesn’t go far enough:

Heterosexuals are everywhere once you grow up. You eat lunch with them. You take them to prom. Sometimes you have to share a cubicle with one and talk about his or her hobbies. Many kids even have one in their home or family. Aren’t kids exposed to enough heterosexuality in the media and in their homes without being forced to hear about it at school, too? They don’t need this explained to them! They should be memorizing state capitals and increasingly their utility!

People would not choose to be attracted to members of the opposite sex if someone had not read them a book in their childhood about a male and female duck forming a family. Curse whoever read that book! Such attractions are powerfully distracting! They ended Edward VII’s promising career!

I, for one, was smart enough to tell those storybook ducks to go to hell.

Read it all, for it is enjoyable.  Especially this play on the whole “God didn’t create Adam & Steve, he created Adam & Eve!” nonsense:

If God intended us to frolic about in the buff with members of the opposite sex, he would have created Adam and Eve, rather than allowing us to evolve slowly over the course of geologic time until we reached our present position.