Pat Robertson, Boy Genius, strikes again, claiming that liberals support reproductive health/rights in order to make lesbians feel better about not being able to have children…what, lesbians can’t birth babies?  I had no idea.

At 0:36, when Pat says the word “lesbian” and then pants like he’s out of breath…well, let’s just say I cackled.

It takes some kind of  stupid to actually believe that the majority of the country which supports keeping Roe v. Wade intact does so because they are all chomping at the bit to kill babies.

But maybe he’s right! Maybe the librul agenda really is about making lesbians feel better!  For instance, we fight global warming because we don’t want lesbians to get too hot.  You’ll thank us later, Pam Spaulding!

Oy, Pat Robertson.

[h/t Tengrain]