Joe has an amazing quote from Tom DeRosa, the executive director of the Creation Studies Institute.  Read it slowly, and maybe out loud in a funny voice [Foghorn Leghorn?], so you can take it all in:

“From the patriarchal days of Sodom and Gomorrah to the Law of Moses to the New Testament, God’s Word consistently declares that homosexuality is sin and warns of the condemnation it brings to the individuals who practice it and to societies that promote it. Indeed, the rampant teaching of evolution in our schools that is effectively undermining belief in God and absolute moral standards is not only creating an atmosphere of ‘tolerance’ for homosexuality, but for just about anything.

“As the truism goes, ‘Without God, everything is permissible.’ So, in reality, there’s nothing to prevent the same rationale being used today to justify homosexuality and homosexual marriage from being used tomorrow to sanction polygamy or pedophilia or, as one very honest evolutionist wrote a while back (a piece that quickly disappeared from public view), if evolution is true, then rape is a very valid and/or efficient way for a man to spread his genes. After all, why not? It’s the survival of the fittest. Of course, in a purely evolutionary world, homosexuals would naturally be bred out of existence, as well. But you won’t hear that from pro-evolution advocates.”

You see, teaching evolution, even though it is established scientific fact, creates an “atmosphere” that makes it okay to be gay.  Also, slippery slopes and false claims about morality coming from God, etc.  Tie it up with a truly stupid statement which shows just how little this “creation science” guy understands evolution, his personal boogeyman, about homosexuals being “bred out of existence” — as if science is that simple — and you have one of the best wingnut quotes I have ever seen, at least this week.  But it’s only Monday.