Why is everybody asking them all these hard questions?!  I mean, it’s not as if the Republican primaries are coming up, the season where [even moreso than usual] candidates do everything they can to cater to the fringe Right voters who make up their base.  Over at the Minnesota Independent, Andy Birkey reports that both Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty have recently appeared before the Iowa Family Leader, an anti-gay, anti-everything group which has hosted a seminar warning people about the effects of Secondhand Gay.  So it seems only natural that these wingnut politicians should be asked if they agree.  Here’s Michele Bachmann, who has absolutely no clue how to answer the question:

And here is Tim Pawlenty [a politician so boring that desperate wingnut bloggers have taken to calling him “T-Paw,” presumably for the purpose of spicing him up. Really.) saying that, though he opposes marriage equality, unsafe sex is actually the health risk, whether straight or gay [this statement is actually true!], but he nonetheless seems flustered by the question:

Oh, Igor Volsky.  Your lines of questioning bring us joy!