linda-harvey-001Confession time:  I do not listen to Peter LaBarbera’s “radio show.”  It is just one of those things that I, as a sane human being, have decided is not worth my time.  I also believe that it’s simply not wise to absorb people like Peter LaBarbera via too many of the five senses.  Sight is enough.  I don’t want to hear him, and I’m fairly certain that touching, tasting or smelling him would induce retching.  Besides, the guys over at Right Wing Watch listen to it, which they surely view as a mitzvah to the greater LGBT activist community.

But it seems I missed a good one, as Peter had one of his favorite hate activists, Linda Harvey, on recently to talk about [what else?] the gay menace.  You will remember Linda from several months back, when after the spate of gay teen suicides, she reacted so callously, so soullessly, that you could almost smell the blood under her fingernails and between her teeth.  In short, Linda cares much more about her [disproven, discredited, asinine, childish] worldview than she does about children, and gay teens rank even lower than that.

Anyway, so here’s a word problem:  If one Crazy Train leaves Station A and another Crazy Train leaves Station B, and they choo-choo toward each other at ever increasing speeds, how long before they’re suggesting that Fox can turn men and boys homosexual within the space of a one hour weekly television show featuring musical numbers and witty writing?  Not long. To the transcript please:

Harvey: These people are masters at demonic manipulation; I mean I have to put it that way, because that is what the homosexual agenda directed to that age group does. Kids don’t know what they’re going to turn out to be, kids can be secretly wondering and doubting if they are homosexual without a parent ever knowing. Because of A) what they get in schools, and B) what they get on the Internet.

LaBarbera: And then Hollywood, I talked about at our conference about this Glee kiss which is just, as I said at the conference, it shocked my soul. This romantic Glee kiss between two teenage boys depicted on the show, popular characters, one of the most popular if not the most popular TV show that young people watch, and here they had a romantic kiss between two teenage boys, I thought, what, how many young men and boys decided right there that they’re gay?

The Glee kiss shocked his soul!  How many young men and boys decided to be gay when they saw Kurt and Blaine kissed?!  I have the answer, Peter, due to the fact that I have the password to the secret online gay agenda where we report these things and “muwahahaha” to ourselves, but I’m not tellin’.  But it was a lot.  At least enough to fill up a Chick-Fil-A!

Anyway, I am fascinated to learn that this is because we LGBT peeps are, according to Linda, “masters at demonic manipulation.”  Who knew that simply telling kids who are already starting to figure out that they’re gay that they’re okay, and that they’re not going to hell, and that they need not torture themselves throughout life [like Linda’s worldview actually proscribes] simply for who they are, is Demonic Manipulation?  We are very sorry, Linda, that fewer and fewer gay kids will kill themselves for failing to live up to your pigheaded, bigoted ideal, but hopefully you will learn to live with it?  Try hard.

If you want to hear the entire whack-job-a-palooza, head on over to Right Wing Watch.