Peter LaBarbera, leader of the hate “group” known as Americans for Truth [sic] about Homosexuality, is very upset that GLAAD has given an award to the Joe.My.God blog, which routinely makes fun of Peter LaBarbera!  Tone matters, you guys! [No link, you know where Peter’s Online Leathersex Amusement Park is.]

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), today assailed the blatant hypocrisy of GLAAD, a homosexual “anti-defamation” organization, for giving an award to Joe Jervis – who runs a viciously anti-Christian blog.

First off, Joe is an atheist. This is not in and of itself a breach of tone, as religion is not above criticism. EVEN Fundamentalist Christianity is completely fair game when it comes to criticizing religion. Guess who else is an atheist? I AM.

GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) gave its 2011 Media Award for “Outstanding Blog” to Jervis, a New York-based homosexual atheist and creator of the blog “Joe.My.God.” – a daily compilation of homosexuality-related news. JMG is filled with name-calling and nasty barbs directed especially at religious conservatives who oppose homosexuality.

Yeah, but Joe doesn’t actually advocate taking fundamental constitutional rights away from unhinged wingnut conservatives. He just makes fun of them, like I do.

But if GLAAD, like AFTAH, is against hateful name-calling (AFTAH has condemned Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” notoriety)

Bully for you. You hold the exact same beliefs as the Phelps clan, so the difference in your rhetoric — Phelps says “God Hates Fags,” whereas you, Peter, are more wordy and annoying about it — is of little consequence.

For example, Jervis routinely uses the atheist term “Jeebus” in the place of Jesus to mock Christians…

Again, religion is not above criticism. Moreover, he’s not lying about Christians, and neither do I. Moreover, he doesn’t broadbrush all Christians with the same stripe, because he understands, as I do, that the idea that Peter LaBarbera speaks for all, most, or even half of Christians is pathetic wishful thinking.

Jervis delights in referring to former Senator and potential GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum as “Frothy Mix” – repeating a malevolent smear concocted by another Christian-bashing homosexual activist, Dan Savage, who meanly “redefined” Santorum’s last name as the filthy byproduct of anal sex.

Santorum deserved it. He fired the first shot when he decided to compare gay love to “man-on-dog sex.” I find it hilarious how much wingnuts are still smarting from Savage’s campaign to redefine “Santorum.” Creative activism! Oh, and santorum only occurs when you’re having anal sex wrong. That’s the double-insult in the name that fundamentalists don’t understand.

Said LaBarbera: “GLAAD’s slogan is ‘words and images matter.’ We at AFTAH agree. Jervis’ published words reveal him to be an inflammatory, anti-Christian bigot who resorts to ‘defamatory’ smears, lies and despicable, crude putdowns to belittle people of faith. (Jervis smears LaBarbera as “Porno Pete,” falsely implying he is homosexual.)

“Porno Pete” started HERE, dangit! And we call you that, not because you may be a closeted self-hating homosexual, but because you made your “name,” such as it is, photographing leather sex events from sea to shining sea, events which are as straight as they are gay.

“Through its Media Award, GLAAD joins itself at the hip with Jervis’ brand of malicious, demeaning, anti-religious bigotry,” LaBarbera said. “This is the flip side of GLAAD’s ongoing campaign to shut down the voices of pro-family Christians – e.g., ex-“gay” Americans like Richard Cohen – from being heard in the media.

Ha ha, we LOVE it when Richard Cohen is heard in the media! He is the best “ex-gay” of all time! Let’s watch him on teevee right now. Later, Pete.