Ex-Gay Watch first discovered an interesting tidbit on the Exodus International blog. The organization’s President, Alan Chambers, wrote a rosy piece announcing that he had eliminated Randy Thomas’ position as Vice President.

Thomas will now assume his reduced role as part-time  blogger — which is being euphemistically called “Director of Digital Media and Development.” Whaterver.

According to Chambers:

This new role will also enable Randy to continue to support our ministry, which I know means a great deal to him, while allowing him ample time to pursue his calling and passion in the arts and pastoral care…. I am excited about this new season for Randy and would encourage you to pray for him as he trusts the Lord and steps out in faith to pursue God’s will.

How gutsy of Thomas to try his hand at “the arts” during a time of high unemployment. Does Thomas’ “artistic” side include photographing homoerotic smut? If so, former Exodus staffer Mike Ensley could help him get back on his feet.

It will be interesting to see if Thomas’ old position is filled in the near future. If not, his downsizing may actually signal that Exodus is going through a season of tough economic times.