I adore this clip. Dr. Drew hosted Alan Chambers of Exodus International, who was forced to listen as KC and Larry Jansson, the married gay couple we featured who met at Love In Action in Memphis, calmly explained that everything Chambers had said was simply not true. Chambers continues to claim that Exodus doesn’t do reparative therapy, that Exodus doesn’t tell gay people that they’re disordered and/or going to hell, because on some level he knows that for him to tell the truth about who they are and what they do would damage the credibility of the “ex-gay” industry even more than it is already.

Great job, guys.

UPDATE: Hi, Wayne here adding to what Evan said.  Alan Chambers denies that his organization participates or endorses reparative therapy. However, when one goes to Exodus Books on Chambers’ website, there are books about reparative therapy prominently listed. In the picture below, one can see two such therapy books sold on the Exodus website.

Clearly, Chambers speaks out of both sides of his mouth and dissembles when in front of secular audiences. To say that Chambers is truth challenged is not a matter of opinion. It is an indisputable, well-established fact.

Exodus Repar

Also shown on this page is the book Out of Egypt: One Woman’ Journey Out of Lesbianism by Jeanette Howard. In this book she writes, “Choosing to leave the lesbian life brings us into direct conflict with the satanic realm….only when we understand and implement spiritual warfare can our walk into wholeness be successful.”

If Chambers does not think Exodus condemns people to Hell, then why is he promoting and profiting off of books such as this one?

Finally, Chambers likes to say that Exodus does not “change” people. (at least in front of secular audiences) Which is interesting, because as Larry Jansson eloquently pointed out, Exodus recruits new clients with promises of, you guessed it, “change” which is sold to desperate people on slick billboards. Clearly, Exodus either works to “change” people from gay to straight, or the group should be sued for false advertising. The billboards do not lie, but apparently, Alan Chambers does with remarkable ease.


Is it just me or does lying come to Alan Chambers as easily and naturally as breathing air? Clearly, Chambers has severe character issues that he must deal with.