Yeah, the laptop is still on the fritz, and thus with it, the music, and this temporary laptop is having a bad day, so no Random Ten this week.  But there will be music! 

Last night I went to see the lovely Jill Sobule play.  I’ve been listening to Jill for ten years now, but had somehow never seen her live.  She sends her love to the Truth Wins Out family, as she was one of the 145,000 people who signed our Apple petition, a fact that made me kinda giggly.  So this is a song that she didn’t play last night, even though she hit so many of my other favorites, so if you’re not familiar with “Mexican Wrestler,” familiarize yourself.  The thing about Jill that’s always gotten me is her ability to crack you up with one line and then break your heart the next.  This song is a good example of that.  So here ya go: