I just discovered yet another “ex-gay” website in Florida, Shasta Ministries, that aims to help fundamentalist Christians in “evangelizing to the gay community.”

Anyway, here is the latest advice on how the fundies plan to seduce you with their phony version of love. They want to put their mitts on you (or maybe fondle??):

One of the best things you can give them in physical, non-sexual touch Part of the issue of homosexuality is having not learned how to completely relate to people of the same gender in a non-sexual way. Most of the physical encounters they have with the same sex are romantic or sexual. For you to simply hug them and put your arm around them as a brother or sister in Christ, you will help them begin to mend one of the biggest holes in their life. You do not even need to tell “I am doing this because you need to mend a part of your childhood” or any crap like that. Simply implement this as a friend so that they can see that they do not need to be sexual with the same-gender to get fulfillment.

Give me a break. LGBT people are no more in need of a non-sexual hug than anyone else. This is just complete garbage disguised as science from quack therapists. I grew up with a very affectionate family. So have most LGBT people that I know.

Here is a stat for the fundies that want to reach out and touch you: A gay child that is rejected by his or her family is 8 times more likely to attempt suicide. 6 times more likely to be depressed and 3 times more likely to abuse drugs.

That’s right fundies, you are the problem, not the solution. It seems the only LGBT people that need your creepy hugs are your own damn children that you have rejected. Now, go hug them and get your hands off me.

Seriously, where do they come up with such ridiculous ideas?