Talking out of both sides of our rosy cheeks, aren’t we Brian?  Re: Louis Marinelli’s defection from NOM, his conversion into a supporter of fairness and equality, and Brian Brown’s whining:

Brown said he does not consider Marinelli a friend and that he was not an important player in the NOM organization.

“Louis was a bus driver,” Brown said. “It’s pretty hilarious, this idea that he was a top strategist for NOM. He was a part-time consultant. He has since changed his position, and people have a right to change their minds.” Brown dismissed the attention surrounding Marinelli as a “tempest in a teapot” drummed up by the gay press. But a few hours after Brown spoke to The Daily Beast, Marinelli said he received an email from the NOM president saying the organization was exploring legal action against him, alleging he violated his confidentiality agreement. Marinelli’s conclusion: “He’s trying to get me to shut up.”

Haha, a “tempest in a teapot” that you’re threatening to sue, Brian? Try again, snake.

Jeremy Hooper clarifies:

Very glad to see Louis calling Brian out. For days I’ve known how Brian’s been threatening Louis with legal action, even while minimizing his role in the press. I can now report that Brian’s even gone so far as to tell Louis to remove all of his blog posts (as if that would even accomplish anything at this point). So if Brian’s calling this a “tempest in a teapot,” then we’re gonna go ahead and call NOM “kettle.”

Also, Brian really needs to quit with the whole “it’s pretty hilarious…that he was a top strategist” thing. Beyond the fact — THE. FACT! — that Louis reported directly to Brian Brown as a NOM employee (an independent contractor, on salary) and was the one who came up with the tour idea, Louis also took with him nearly 300k Facebook users. NOM’s attempt at a F’book reboot is essentially a pro-LGBT site! Every time its “likes” go up, more pro-equality voices come on, currently commenting at about a 9-1 clip.

This must be sending Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher completely off the rails. That brightens my day.