Jeremy at Good As You scores another direct hit on NOM, via its one time employee and now defector, Louis Marinelli who writes on his own blog

As early as last year after the Summer for Marriage Tour, NOM had the idea of assembling a special team of particularly homophobic propagandists dedicated supporters, which I lightly touched upon discussing NOM’s illusion of support. The task of this team is to do the work NOM doesn’t want to do or officially engage in. Let me give an example.

A couple of months ago, Elton John publicly changed his opinion on same-sex marriage and came out supporting marriage equality. Naturally, NOM wanted to go after him for his change of heart but “due to Elton John supporters and various other reasons” NOM decided not “to push the story” officially.

However, NOM’s secret online propaganda team was instructed to “make [Elton John’s change of heart] public in a more suitable way” to allow NOM to covertly attack the pop legend in a way that would officially leave them out of the fray. It was important to NOM to create the illusion that Elton John’s change of heart naturally spurred a public backlash when all the while it was NOM pulling the strings from above.

The faux grassroots network is being tracked, and individuals in the net are given points for good service to NOM…

In exchange for their propaganda work, NOM is offering rewards.

As part of my job with NOM, I was instructed to create a point system to reward the propagandists. Everything they do will be tracked and NOM plans to reward them. In the future, when this team gets off the ground, NOM intends to use the technology behind Mr. Brown’s ActRight conservative activism website to facilitate tracking, create a competitive atmosphere between the propagandists and allow them to redeem the points they earn in a variety of ways, including lunch with Mr. Brown himself.

Now…think about all this for a moment.  Is there any more compelling proof  that the people running NOM know perfectly well they do not speak for the American public on this issue, then that they have to resort to faking a backlash against a celebrity who came out for same-sex marriage?

This is part and parcel with the lies they routinely tell about gay people to win votes.  The homosexuals are coming for your children.  The homosexuals want to destroy the family. The homosexuals want to outlaw Christianity.  When all you have left in your arsenal are propaganda networks and lies the war is over and you know it.  The allies are across the Rhine.  The secret weapons don’t exist.  You’re alone in your bunker and the war is over and the only followers you have left to fool are the same babbling nutcases you started the war with: each other.

You’re really proud of that little network you have going there aren’t you?  Oh look…we have a point system! We can track them.  We can reward them.  We have created a competitive atmosphere! Oh look at our wonderful technology…and never mind why any of it is necessary.  If you had a functioning intellect, let alone a functioning conscience all that propaganda network would be telling you every time you looked at it is that the war is over and you lost.  If there was the slightest bit of truth to anything you’ve been yap, yap, yapping for years about The Homosexual Menace you wouldn’t need to do any of this.  You wouldn’t have to lie for votes.  You wouldn’t have to resort to junk science.  You wouldn’t have to fake a backlash.  But you do.  Because gay people are not monsters.  We are not trying to destroy the family.  Many of us are Christian too.  And there is nothing wrong with us.  Some of us  just want to marry and settle down and make lives together, just like the heterosexual girls and boys.  And all the work and all the money you put into propping up your cheapshit bar stool prejudice is just laughing back in your face now.

Next time Maggie Gallagher starts yap, yap, yapping about judges overruling the will of the people, ask her to name the bloggers, Facebook and Twitter users who are part of her little “grassroots” network.  Or even better…ask her which right wing billionaire was going to bankroll that million dollars NOM said it would spend against Maryland legislators who voted for same-sex marriage.